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Kingspan Insulation U-Value Calculator

Opens U Value Calculator in new windowWelcome to Kingspan Insulation’s online U-value calculator.

Just click the icon to the left to launch the U-value calculator in your web browser...or download the App for free for your tablet or mobile device:

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It's quick, easy and registration-free.


This U-value calculator allows you to specify what you are planning to build through a series of quick questions. It will instantly provide you with our recommended insulation solution and thickness as well as the resultant U-value.

When you have launched the U-value calculator and read the information on the welcome screen, one click takes you straight into the calculator itself (without any need to register). Just click on the application you would like a U-value for (wall, floor, flat roof or pitched roof); select the options from the drop downs and very quickly the U-value will be displayed for you. When you are happy with it simply click on the link to ‘Email this’ and fill in your details on the next screen to get your U-value and details of construction build up emailed to you.  


The easy to use format uses plain English when taking you through the questions, the majority of which allow you to select from drop downs, before displaying your U-value. If the thickness of insulation or the U-value isn’t quite what you want these can be tweaked until you are happy. 

There are tool tips to help you out along the way when using the calculator. These appear as a question mark on the calculator. Just click on this and a tooltip box will pop up, and provide you with more information so you can make your choice. If you are unsure of what option to select then choose the worst case. If you are working through a calculation and you want to save it to return to a later date then just bookmark the calculation and your progress will be saved for when you return to the bookmarked page.

Remember, if you are still having problems with working out your U-value then please give the Technical Services team a call on 01544 387 382.


You don’t need to register to access our U-value Calculator. Just click on the link below and start using it.  If you do want a PDF with the full details of the calculation emailed to you then you will need to fill in some details. An example of this PDF can be viewed here.

BBA Approved

The U-value Calculator works as a look up table to give a U-value which has been pre-calculated by a member of Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services Department who is approved under the ‘BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 - U value and condensation risk’. This means that the calculations you received can be trusted and relied upon. The calculations take into account fixings used and bridging factors, where appropriate, meaning you can be confident that the calculation you get is correct for the build up you have selected. For more information about the scheme visit the Technical Services section of the website


Feedback on the U-value calculator would be appreciated and can be provided either through emailing on or by getting in touch through social media (Twitter or LinkedIn). 

Common Calculations 

A selection of common building applications are listed below and linked through to the U-value Calculator. By clicking on the build-up it will take you through to the recommended U-values for that build-up.
  1. Cavity Wall with brick, cavity, lightweight inner leaf blocks with skim coated plasterboard
  2. Warm Flat Roof with fully adhered single ply on a timber deck with plasterboard ceiling
  3. Pitched Roof, unventilated, partially filled roof with insulation between and under rafters
  4. Ground Floor, solid concrete - insulation below screed