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Real Value of Space

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The Real Value of Space

By releasing space from within the walls, you could be unlocking investment potential in terms of rental income

"A lower thermal conductivity can result in thinner insulation. A thinner insulation can result in thinner external wall construction. A thinner external wall construction can result in greater internal floor area. A greater internal floor area can result in a greater Return on Investment (ROI)."

The usable space within a building is a fundamental metric in understanding the valuation, thus the investment potential, of real estate. Property with greater internal floor area commands a higher rental return in addition to a higher overall financial value.

Insulation can add width to external walls, which takes up internal floor space. Space that could be used to generate additional rental income. Space that can be valuable in commercial real estate. So imagine if you could reduce the width of the walls of your building, without compromising the overall designed footprint, to release space and unlock the full investment potential for you or your client…

Kingspan Kooltherm wall insulation solutions deliver superior thermal performance with a thinner profile. Kingspan Insulation asked Sweett Group to look into the Return on Investment (ROI) from specifying Kingspan Kooltherm wall insulation solutions versus comparative insulation solutions.

The results are well worth looking into.

The summary of the resulting report - ‘The Real Value of Space in Commercial Real Estate’ – reveals that Kooltherm consistently outperforms alternative solutions, creating additional usable space and delivering an exceptional ROI – including 1324% for an office tower in central London, 1635% for a combined office / retail building also in central London and over 4000% in other situations.

Download the full Real Value of Space report here.

Download the Real Value of Space summary report here.
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