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‘Passivhaus’ is a low energy construction standard. It's sometimes called 'Passive House' but it is the same thing.

The important thing is that a Passivhaus Certified building requires very little energy for heating or cooling, whilst providing a high level of comfort for the occupants. Passivhaus was developed in the 1990s by Dr Wolfgang Feist, who was concerned that buildings consumed much more energy when built than was predicted at the design stage. Attention to detail, rigorous design and construction and an exacting certification process ensure that what is designed is built, and what is built performs as it was designed. This is achieved primarily through a fabric first approach, meaning high levels of thermal insulation, high levels of airtightness and the use of whole house Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

  Now Open– the Kingspan Passivhaus

The new Kingspan Passivhaus has been designed by HTA Design LLP in collaboration with Potton.
The idea behind the design of the housetype was to defy the stereotype that Passivhaus will not work with generous openings and a form that deviates from the typical boxy design with small windows.
The project has used the Kingspan OPTIM-R Flooring System, the Kingspan Kooltherm K-range of phenolic insulation and the Kingspan TEK Building System of SIPs to ensure the stringent Passivhaus requirements are met.

To visit the new Passivhaus show home please visit the Potton web site.

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