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Green Roofs

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Green roof insulation

Insulation for green roofs is a growing market in the UK. This is where vegetation such as sedum on a shallow growing medium (extensive green roofs) or full-blown roof gardens (intensive green roofs) are situated above the waterproofing layer. Kingspan Insulation has products suitable for all types of green roof insulation.

Thermataper TT47 LPC/FM

Fully adhered single-ply waterproofing
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Thermataper TT46 LPC/FM

Mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing
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Thermaroof TR27 LPC/FM

Insulation beneath mechanically fixed / fully adhered single-ply waterproofing and partially bonded built-up felt and mastic asphalt
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Thermaroof TR26 LPC/FM

Insulation beneath mechanically fixed PVC single-ply waterproofing systems
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OPTIM-R Roofing System

 Next generation insulation solution for roofs
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Styrozone Inverted Roofs

Protected membrane flat roofs and roof gardens
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Water-infiltration reduction membrane for inverted roofs
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